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Low profile appearance with a high profile sound

  • De Gier Junior Black
  • De Gier Junior Black

The idea behind Junior is simple. It can be summed up like this: it has to be rock ’n roll. Although that can be interpreted in many ways, for me it meant a no nonsense tool to do the job. Good wood, well built, great tone, no candy.

It is grab and go.

Sander de Gier

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De Gier Junior Red
De Gier Junior TV White
De Gier Junior 2 Tone
De Gier Junior Black
De Gier Junior 2 Tone
De Gier Junior Red
De Gier Junior Black
De Gier Junior TV White
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I use a fairly unique method for creating fretslots. You can learn more in this video. In short: I found a way to make use of the inner strenght of the wood instead of cutting it away. That enhances stability, it also prevents fretends from sticking out over time. It’s also quite elegant.
Junior is a single pickup guitar. Standard that’s a P90. You can have anything other than that of course. You can also choose for an extra neckpickup. Or choice would be a Firebird neckpickup, which is a great match with a P90 in the bridgeposition.
We use Gotoh tuners on our Junior because they offer superb quality when you’re looking for that Junior-button look. They have rocksolid shafts, so no loss of energy there, it stays in the string where it needs to be.
The angled headstock has an advantage over a flat headstock in that you don’t need string trees to keep the string from buzzing in the nut. The disadvantage of an angle is that it potentially creates a tuning instability. That’s why I keep the angle as shallow as possible. This is the best of both worlds, where the string has just enough angle to avoid a string tree.
A Wraparound bridge has a solid resonant construction, as well as sound. We prefer it over any other kind of bridge for our Junior. There are several brands that make nice bridges, but we like ABM most.
About the finish, there hardly is any. We stain the bare wood and then apply 1 coat of satin finish. This creates a very natural look and feel, while still protecting the wood against dirt and moisture.


Price: € 1995,-

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Standard Configuration

Body Mahogany
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood
Nut bone
Inlay dots
Pickups P90 bridge pickup
Bridge ABM wraparound
Tuners Gotoh SD510
Controls vol + tone
Color Any wood stain
Finish satin

Custom Options

Neck pickup (firebird mini humbucker)
€ 275,-
Any other custom option not in this list is available upon request.


Neckwidth at nut 43 mm
Neckwidth at last fret 56 mm
Thickness at nut 21 mm
Thickness at 12th fret 23 mm
Fretsize medium Jescar
Thickness body
45 mm
Radius fingerboard 10″ to 16″
Neckshape C
Number of frets 22
Neckjoint set neck
Scale 24,75″
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