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glenn sig philosophy

‘Can you make a BeBop 5 with 17mm string spacing?’ No problem. Or.. wait a minute.

That means I need to design a narrow neck. And have a custom bridge made. And custom pickups with the poles at the right spot under the strings. And then my tuner-layout changes, so I need to change the headstock. And the neckpocket in the body must fit the narrow neck, so the inner  curves of the horns of the body need to change too. And then the pickguard needs to change too… ‘And can you make the body a little smaller?’ …why not, that was the only thing left that I didn’t have to change yet. Anything else? ‘Yes, a 3-piece neck like my Elevation, blackwood fingerboard, Aero pickups, closed covers, black hardware and a ramp between the pickups.’

Change the stringspacing and you wind up redesigning the whole bass. The last step was to give it a new name too: the Glenn Gaddum Jr. signature BeBop. The bass was a work in progress for more than a year. Glenn tested the demo-bass for a few months in different situations, and came up with some details that he liked to see changed. Eventually I built a final version, and that is the one you see presented here. For technical details like dimensions of the neck scroll down to the bottom of this page. But before you do, check the demovid, if you haven’t already.  

– Sander de Gier

About glenn

Glenn Gaddum Jr. is a renowned bass player based in Amsterdam who has worked with numerous great artist from the Netherlands as well as the international music scene in a wide variety of styles such as Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Hip hop. Glenn is currently touring and/or recording with Anouk(NL) Matt Simons(USA) Frank McComb(USA) Dominic J Marshall Trio(UK) Sven Hammond(NL) Alain Clark(NL) amongst many others.

“This instrument captures the best of both worlds: classic J-bass tones with modern playability. I can you use it on any gig. From dirty rock to phat hip hop to fast solo stuff, it does it all while making sound engineers very happy, both in the studio as well as on stage” Glenn Gaddum Jr. For more about Glenn, see his website or his instagram.