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BeBop philosophy

“That’s when I knew I had created something special that had surpassed all my expectations..”

For years I was hesitant to make this bass. Just like our customers, I am an artist, and I did not want to be bound by the constraints of tradition. I was young and creative and wanted to innovate. Eventually, I came to understand that we all stand on somebody else’s shoulders. And that innovations can be created while still tipping your hat to tradition.

This became my goal for BeBop – respect for the past, to create something new and inspirational that pays homage to the original. BeBop is not a copy, it is a reinterpretation. It’s a modern bass, with advanced neck design, comfort, versatility, and reduced-noise electronics. It’s my attempt to remain as close to the blueprint as possible, and yet, at the same time incorporating all that I have learned from many years of bassbuilding.

After building the first prototype I showed it to some players, to get their feedback. We were lucky enough to sit down with Marcus Miller and get his input on the BeBop prototype. To my utter astonishment he bought it on the spot! Ok, forget improvements. If Marcus likes it, it’s finished. A day later Richard Bona ordered BeBop #2. That’s when I knew I had created something special that had surpassed all my expectations.

If you order a BeBop you are sure to get an excellent bass that I’m truly proud to build.

-Sander de Gier