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Last week we delivered this bass to Johann.

Origin Johann

This is what he said:

Hallo Sander. The bass was comming in, what a joy, patience becomes a reward. As I opened the case, I thought I’m falling in faint. This is one of the beautiest basses I ever saw. I was standing there with an open mouth, speechless and very, very amazed, that my workmate, who was standing beside, must wake me up. I felt like enchanted. It tooks a little time to comming down. At home, I tuned the bass and pluged in and all was right, handling, action, tone, all on the right place, an instrument for all you want to play, there is not even one point to complain.

Hey Sander, may I say this is your ZEN, this is not a profession, this is devotion and skill how do you build instruments. I’m very grateful and proud to be the owner of four artworks from you and everyone of them is nicer than the other. Many, many special thanks and best regards, Johann.