BeBop, Soulmate and efficiency

Up till now I have worked on individual basis. By this I mean that I build each bass individually for each customer. That way I kept overview of all custom options, and I was able to send the customer pictures of the whole build process. There was also a problem, I was never very efficient [...]

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Origin and Elevation discontinued

My bass models Origin and Elevation are no longer available. Interest for these models has decreased significantly the last 2 years. When I thought about it, I realized that if I'd design these 2 models today, they would be different basses. That was a clear signal to me to discontinue them. My intention is to [...]

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New headstock Soulmate 2019

From 1/1/2019 and onward all Soulmate basses will receive a new headstock, namely the same headstock as BeBop basses have. When I designed Soulmate I wanted to have a headstock that was a crossover between the BeBop headstock and a Tele bass headstock. All these years I had a love/hate feeling for that headstock. I [...]

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History page

We have added a History page to the website. Soon we will also add a new gallery of discontinued models. We have discontinued Authority and Junior, but before that several other models have existed that we no longer offer. I think it would be nice to have a least a record online of some of [...]

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Authority and Junior discontinued

The guitar models Authority and Junior are no longer available. Currently I offer only the Surfer guitar model and the rest are basses. I intend to offer fresh guitar designs later on to replace Authority and Junior. I still have a few demo models for sale, with huge discounts, if anyone is interested.

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