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Vultura, my take on a Falcon

Vultura's gold sparkle bindings

Vultura’s gold sparkle bindings

Vultura coming soon

For several years I have had plans to build my version of a Falcon. I just couldn’t find time to start until now. I love big guitars, probably because I’m a tall guy myself. And a Falcon is a mix of the vintage archtop tradition and raw rocknroll tones. Nowadays hollowbodies are being made more ‘solid’ than back in the 50’s, because we play louder and with more gain. The Vultura will be all about vintage specs. Thin top and back, no threstle bracings, studs or solid center block. It is a vibrant acoustic construction. Ok, so it is not a loud high gain guitar. But it will have a rich hollow body sound with the coolest looks I can think of.

I am currently building the first 2 Vultura’s and I hope to present them at the Guitar Summit 2019 in Mannheim. Follow me on Instagram to see the progress of these guitars.

One will be in Indian Fire red with silver sparkle bindings and 2 pickups. I haven’t decided the pickups yet, but they will probably be foil pickups. The other one will be Teal Grey, which is a 50/50 mix of Teal Green and Gunmetal Grey. It will be a 3 pickup guitar, probably T-armonds. Both guitars will have subtle aging.

Scraping the binding after spraying the color

Scraping the binding after spraying the color

The fingerboards are Ziricote and full width celluloid inlays. The body is made of hot pressed maple veneers.

As for prices, I can’t tell yet. In the time that I need to build one Vultura I could build 4 basses. I don’t expect anyone to want to dig that deep into their pockets for a guitar like this. So exactly how much or how little I am willing to sell for is something that still needs to be determined.

So why do I build them then? Good question. For the fun of building it, for the challenge to master it, and just because I love this guitar.

For more pics of both guitars, see my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

US residents: this guitar will be featured at the TV Jones booth at Namm in januari 2020. So be sure to come and check it out, you need to play this! And I will be there for talks and pics.