It could just be your ultimate wave

  • De Gier Surfer 2 Tone
  • De Gier Surfer 2 Tone

Like a surfer looking for that ultimate wave, most of us are always looking for that one guitar that ‘has it all’. Looking for it is one thing, what about trying to build it?

Sander de Gier

The surfer has 1 master Volume control, 1 Tone control for neck and middle pickup and 1 Tone control for bridge pickup only. Temper the brightness of the bridge pickup a little without darkening the tone of your neck and middle pickups. We can use any pickup of your choice, although we like to work with Lollar, Fralin, Nordstrand and others.
A tremolo is a challege. You want tuning stability from a device designed to detune! With so many designs out there, which one is the best? Of first importance to me was tuning stability, of second importance if it had the right ‘vibe’ or ‘mojo’, that is usually ascribed to any small detail supposedly to improve tone, like the right saddle, springs, screw block, etc. The tremolo of our choice is the Gotoh 510-FE1. The 510T block is designed to eliminate friction, resulting in improved stability. It had steel saddles, 2 locking studs and 54mm string spacing. It has an extra hard knife edge and a tight tremolo arm.
Many guitars suffer from protruding fret ends that feel sharp and uncomfortable. This has to do with shrinking and expanding of the fingerboard with the change of seasons. We build our necks with hidden fret ends, to eliminate this a smuch as possible. Combined with our comfortable fingerboard edge you will find this a most easy and convenient neck to play.
Manu times people have complained about pulling the high E string off the fingerboard. Usually that problem has to do with the neckwidth and stringspacing of the guitars. (Although you wonder about some players too…) We designed a neck that is slightly wider at the end of the fingerboard. It’s still very convenient to play but without the infamous high E string frustration.
Our experience in building basses has learned us that a thicker headstock increases sustain. Not only that, it also helps to create a stronger fundamental note with clearer harmonics. Tone just gets better, it’s a fact. So we build Surfers with a thicker headstock. Simple.
We recessed the headstock a little extra too. That way (combined with the right tuners) we can create the right amount of string angle without having to use a string tree. We want no friction in the nut or string tree which causes the guitar to go out of tune. But we also don’t want a thin sound because there is no string pressure in the nut. There is a fine line between right tone and tuning stability. A Tusq nut completes the story.
We contoured the heel of the body to have an ergonomic shape for your hand. You can reach high notes with no problem. Our super curvy body shape also gives you plenty of high access.
We increased the thickness of the neck-heel too. We like the neck screws to have a better grip. A small detail maybe, but with far reaching improvement in tone, since the neck is more tight in the neckpocket.
We relocated the jack input to the side. Your tremolo arm won’t get stuck behind your cable any more. And besides… we like the looks.



Price within The Netherlands: € 3990,- incl BTW

Price outside The Netherlands: € 3295,- export price excl VAT

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Ordering from our inventory

We always have some instruments in stock. We do this to serve our customers who first want to try out a few guitars or basses before they decide.

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Standard Configuration

Body Alder
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Nut Graphtech Tusq
Inlay dots
Pickups Lollar, Fralin, Nordstrand, other
Tremolo Gotoh 510T-FE1
Tuners Gotoh SDS-510 HAPM
Controls 5-way switch, vol, 2x tone
Color All traditional solid colors available. For sunburst and metallics see custom options.
Gigbag The Surfer comes with a De Gier gigbag

Custom Options

Swamp Ash Body
€ 90,-
Maple fingerboard (coated)
no extra charge
Different pickups
Upon request
no extra
Metallic Finish
no extra
€ 180,-
Left handed
€ 250,-
Any other custom option not in this list is available upon request.


Neckwidth at nut 43 mm
Neckwidth at last fret 57 mm
Thickness at nut 21 mm
Thickness at 12th fret 23 mm
Fretsize medium Jescar
Thickness body
45 mm
Radius fingerboard 7.25″ to 12″
Neckshape medium C
Number of frets 22
Neckjoint bolt on
Scale 25,5″