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Surfer philosophy

“The Surfer could just be your ultimate wave!”

Like a surfer looking for that ultimate wave, most of us are always looking for that one guitar that ‘has it all’. Looking for it is one thing, what about trying to build it?

So first of all, even before we started working on the design of our Surfer, we asked many players what their ultimate guitar would be like, in relation to sound, playability, looks and feel. We added our years of experience in building custom instruments to the highest standards. We put all this information in a big hat, shook it thoroughly and turned it upside down. Out came the Surfer. At first glance a very recognisable guitar. At second glance many hidden innovations. At third glance.. the Surfer could just be your ultimate wave!

What’s recognisable? You tell me. A double cutaway body with 3 single coils and a tremolo… you know what this is.

What’s innovative? Here it get’s very intesting. Are you one of those who want a tremolo guitar that doesn’t detune? That’s like asking for a guitar that you can detune heavily, but stays tuned at the same time. Hmmm…that’s a challenge, to put it mildly.

Nevertheless, that became the goal. So we re-examined every single detail to figure out where a possible friction or possible loss of stringenergy could occur. We found many small details to improve upon. Headstock, nut, string angle, string pressure, string tree, tremolo, neck heel, fretslots, neck width, tuners, trussrod, fretsize, pickups. It may be hard to imagine, but they all matter if you want to increase tuning stability.

The good news is, that when we started to get feedback from Surfer users, that it had worked! Surfer does stay in tune a lot better than many similar guitars. That put a smile on my face for sure.

Maybe Surfer doesn’t seem like your ultimate wave, we all have a different taste. But maybe you just need to look again.

-Sander de Gier