//Push button switch Lowlander

Push button switch Lowlander

New feature for Lowlander: a pushbutton switch on the pickguard that lets you switch the humbucker from serial (classic T bird) to parallel (less mids, more open, lower output).

Each pickup has its own pushbutton switch, so that you can have maximum variety of sound.

The sound of a parallel wired classic T bird pickup is a new thing. The concept is old, but as far as I know all T bird pickups come with 2 conductor wiring for that classic look of braided shield wire.

I take the braided wire off and rewire the pickup to 4 conductor wiring to allow for series/parallel switching.

A classic T bird pickup in parallel mode is somewhere in between T and P. With both pickups on you get an amazing slap sound. The neck pickup is still dirty, but a bit less dark. The bridge pickup really opens up nicely in parallel mode.

With this option you can still have the classic T bird sounds that Lowlander offers, but now with the added sound options that these switches bring.

This option comes at a price of 125 euro per switch/pickup. So it’s 250 euro extra on a 2 pickup Lowlander.

De Gier Lowlander
De Gier Lowlander
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