Project Description

This Surfer was built for Johann from Austria. To my own memory and knowlegde this is the best strat-style guitar I have made in 20 years. So many tiny details (that I explain on my website) are involved in it, but it’s worth the trouble. Not everybody may prefer a hardtail bridge, but it played and sounded wonderful. Here is what Johann wrote to me:

Hallo Sander
yesterday I received the guitar you built for me. I couln’t awaite to plug in and play, but I was in work, so I wait until the work was done.
At home I opened the package and was stunning about the bag, a verry solid work, lighter than a case, but more flexible and almost safety as a case.
Then the guitar….., what should I say? It’s not only a “Strat´´ – style – guitar, it’s an artwork again. The workmanship is first class, that’ I knew, but the neck is the holy grail, fantastic fretwork, the shape is a revelation, when I play this neck, the feeling is like as I never played another, like an intimate friend. Also the tone is masterclass, there is no “Fender´´ like this. There is it again –> bliss.
This is my No.1 in the jungle of all my guitars, many many thanks to my favorite luthier, one of the best on this planet, God bless you.

body: ash

neck: maple

finergboard: rosewood

color: sunburst

pickups: nordstrand