Project Description

Surfer Espresso Silver

This color is a mix of Espresso brown (as used on a Pontiac GTO) and Inca Silver. Espresso brown is rather dark. I just experimented with the mix until I liked it. I did take notes this time, the color can be custom ordered.

I had used the WSS combination before and liked it much, so I wanted to do it again. The Lollar regal is here combined with 2 Specials. They have a thick dark tone for a single coil, and are a very nice match with the Regal. This guitar has a great blues and rock sound, it’s not polite. It’s not 50’s open and twangy. It likes overdrives.

The wood is alder for body, maple for the neck and zizicote for fingerboard. The weight is 3345 gram.