Project Description

Origin Fretless in Beatnik Purple

The day I took these pictures had not so ideal photo wheather. In reality the sparkles look much more 3D, but I was unable to catch it on camera. The color is a little more purple and less blue in reality too. Ok, I admit, I suck at photography. Luckily I know something about building a bass.

This fretless has a very nice smooth and singing voice. The wood in combination with the Dual coils allow for a lot of sound options. And Beatnik Purple is just awesome.

Years before the customer asked a sparkle finish I had decided to never do that again. I had done sparkles in the past, and the cleaning is a major pita, and the next 5 basses all will have a sparkle somewhere. Usually at a very unforgiving spot. So I decided to never do that again. Until… I mean: Beatnik Purple, how cool is that!

But after I sprayed it, and had to clean up, I remembered why I hated sparkles. What a mess in my spraybooth. So hereby I officially announce: I will never do sparkle finishes again. Let somebody else mess up his spraybooth.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot get a sparkle finish, it means I will outsource it to someone else. It will raise the price considerably though.