Project Description

De Gier Tele Butterscotch

Lately I have built 3 Tele’s. Or sorta Tele’s. It’s my reinterpretation of this iconic guitar. There’s a lot to tell.

All these 3 feature a body that is chambered on the inside. They are comfortably light weight. The body is also arched. Front and back. It’s thick at the core and gets thinner towards the sides. This is something that looks awesome to me. And it also solves the issue that some people have with Tele’s, that the slab body without arm contour hurts their arm. The arched body retains the slab looks but is more friendly to your arm.

The pickups (except a T bridge pickup) are mounted directly into the wood. It looks elegant, designed. The hardware on the body is machined to match the curved surface, so that there’s no gap anywhere. Some hardware is custom made, like the string holder. The hardware is lightly aged.

The necks are one piece necks. They all feature a dual action trussed inside, so it’s adjustable in 2 directions. The necks all feature a medium thickness, a comfortable C shape, compound fingerboard radius, hidden fret ends, medium jumbo frets, dot inlays and inlayed logo on the headstock. The necks are also slightly angled. This is because there’s no pickguard underneath the strings. I lowered the strings because of that, for a natural string-to-body distance, and that asked for a neck angle.

The finish of the body is extremely thin nitro, slightly aged. The maple neck is in satin nitro, while the other 2 necks are oiled.

These 3 Tele’s are light and punchy guitars. The notes jump of the guitar, the sound is lively and acoustically noticeably loud.

Specifics for this guitar:

Abachi body
Maple neck with flame maple skunk stripe
Butterscotch nitro finish
Nocaster pickups (Sheptones are optional as well)
Gotoh in tune bridge
Brass saddles
Gotoh locking and staggered tuners
bone nut
bakelite guard

The guitar comes with a De Gier gig bag.

A design guitar like this should cost 4000+ euro in a real world. But I offer these 3 for the introduction price of 3595 euro.

For more pictures, see this instagram post.

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