Project Description

In the past I used the most vintage recepy for sunbursts. The irony is that later (60’s) sunbursts have now become the standard for a ‘vintage’ sunburst. On this bass (and a few others) I created this later sunburst look for a cool relic finish.

This bass has a rich, punchy sound. It has strong mids, which will make your fingerstyle sound nice and thick. The controls will allow you anything from dark vintage to beefy modern. This bass stays focussed on the low B string, it will cut through the mix.

The specs of this BeBop are:

body: alder
neck: maple
fingerboard: rosewood
pickups: Lollar custom 5 string
controls: vol,vol,tone (pull vintage cap), Fatboost
colour: sunburst relic
pickguard: celluloid