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Plans for 2022

Last year I announced plans for 2021. Things didn’t work out exactly how I expected. We’re still working on our pickup brand, but due to Covid restrictions worldwide it’s hard to get raw materials. The development of our pickups has been very slow because of it. I hope that we can introduce our new brand in 2022. The brand name will be Wicked Pickups.

My plans to diversify our Bebop and Soulmate lines has evolved into a new vision. Instead of the 3 categories that I announced last year, we’re now working on a vintage version of our models. This is in response to requests that we get from customers who ask for specific vintage Fender specs when they order a bass. This idea came forth as well from our pickup development. In developing pickups we not only listened very closely to all details of different pickup designs, it also reminded us to re-evaluate the sound of bridges, pots and caps for instance. This has lead to selecting different parts for a vintage bass than we’d use for our current, more modern, line of basses.

Hopefully the Covid restrictions will get looser quickly and hopefully trade will revert to normal again, so that we’ll be able to introduce the pickups and the new basses in 2022.