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Every Lowlander features the following standard specs:

Neckwood: 9 ply laminate of Spanish Cedar and Walnut
Bodywings: Spanish Cedar
Nut: bone
Bridge and Tailpiece: custom De Gier long travel, in nickel
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites, in nickel
All other hardware in nickel
Frets: Jescar 47104
Scale: 34-3/8"
Controls: Vol, Vol, Tone (for 2 pickups)
Switchcraft sidejack
Black headstock

The options below can be configured to your own taste.
Ceylon (striped) Ebony (+€150)
Blackwood (+€180)
Ziricote (+€120)


Full body, warm sound, clear and strong notes.


Bright, direct.Accent on fundamentals.


Like rosewood, except a little more bright and tight. More direct and modern tone.


Much like rosewood, can be a little harder at times.

MOP dots (standard)
White dots
White pearloid blockinlays (+€180)
No front inlays
No binding (standard)
White binding (+€150)
A set of Lollar T-bird pickups (standard)
Lollar neckpickup only (-€100)
Neck only (+€125)
Neck and Bridge (+€250)
Hipshot D-tuner chrome (+€150)
Solid colors:
Aged White
Classic White
Other solid color (please specify)
Bursts and Transparents:
Vintage Sunburst
Tobacco Sunburst
Dark Cherry Red
TV colors:
TV Yellow (+€90)
Traditional Metallics:
Pelham Blue
Goldtop Gold
Aged Goldtop Gold
Burgundy Mist
Charcoal Frost
Ocean Turquoise
Inca Silver
Custom Metallics:
Maroon Mist
Metallic Mist
Cadillac Green
Sage Green
Other Metallic (please specify) (+€150)
Muscle colors:
Turquoise Mist
Indian Fire
Sierra Gold
Deep Burnt Orange
Marlboro Maroon
Lime Green (a.k.a Lime Gold)
Meadow Green
Sauterne Gold
Verdoro Green
Dark Ivy Green
Burnt Amber
Expresso Brown
Aegean Blue
Clearwater Aqua
Panther Pink
Plum Mist
Presidential Blue
Evening Orchid
Plum Crazy
Acapulco Blue
Gunmetal Grey
Dark Tan
Moss Green
The standard color for the headstock is black. If you would like the headstock color to be the same as the bodycolor, then click Matching Headstock.
Matching Headstock
Relic Finish (+€180)
The pickguard is thinner than Fender style pickguards, just like original T-bird pickguards. With only 1.5 mm thickness however the color options are very limited.
White (3ply)
Black (3ply)
Vol, Vol, Tone for 2 pickups config

Vol, Tone for 1 pickup config
No strap
De Gier strap deluxe brown (+€84,95) view strap
De Gier strap deluxe black (+€84,95) view strap
De Gier strap brown (+€44,95) view strap
De Gier strap black (+€44,95) View strap

Estimated total price:  

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