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Every Lowlander features the following standard specs:

Neckwood: 9 ply laminate of Spanish Cedar and Walnut
Bodywings: Spanish Cedar
Nut: bone
Bridge and Tailpiece: custom De Gier long travel, in nickel
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites, in nickel
All other hardware in nickel
Frets: Jescar 47104
Scale: 34-3/8"
Controls: Vol, Vol, Tone (for 2 pickups)
Switchcraft sidejack
Black headstock

The options below can be configured to your own taste.
Ebony (+€60)
Blackwood (+€90)
Ziricote (+€60)


Full body, warm sound, clear and strong notes.


Bright, direct.


Like rosewood, except a little more bright and tight. More direct and modern tone.


Much like rosewood, can be a little harder at times.

MOP dots (standard)
White pearloid dots
White pearloid blockinlays (+€150)
No front inlays
No binding (standard)
White binding (+€120)
A set of Lollar T-bird pickups (standard)
Lollar neckpickup only (-€100)
Neck only (+€125)
Neck and Bridge (+€250)
Hipshot D-tuner chrome (+€125)
Solid colors:
Aged White
Classic White
Other solid color (please specify)
Bursts and Transparents:
Vintage Sunburst (+€90)
Tobacco Sunburst (+€90)
Dark Cherry Red (+€90)
TV colors:
TV Yellow (+€90)
Traditional Metallics:
Pelham Blue (+€90)
Goldtop Gold (+€90)
Aged Goldtop Gold (+€90)
Burgundy Mist (+€90)
Charcoal Frost (+€90)
Ocean Turquoise (+€90)
Inca Silver (+€90)
Custom Metallics:
Maroon Mist (+€90)
Metallic Mist (+€90)
Cadillac Green (+€90)
Sage Green (+€90)
Other Metallic (please specify) (+€90)
Muscle colors:
Turquoise Mist (+€90)
Indian Fire (+€90)
Sierra Gold (+€90)
Deep Burnt Orange (+€90)
Marlboro Maroon (+€90)
Lime Green (or Lime Gold) (+€90)
Meadow Green (+€90)
Sauterne Gold (+€90)
Verdoro Green (+€90)
Dark Ivy Green (+€90)
Burnt Amber (+€90)
Expresso Brown (+€90)
Aegean Blue (+€90)
Clearwater Aqua (+€90)
Panther Pink
Plum Mist (+€90)
Presidential Blue (+€90)
Evening Orchid (+€90)
Plum Crazy (+€90)
Acapulco Blue (+€90)
Gunmetal Grey (+€90)
Dark Tan (+€90)
Moss Green (+€90)
The standard color for the headstock is black. If you would like the headstock color to be the same as the bodycolor, then click Matching Headstock.
Matching Headstock
Relic Finish (+€180)
The pickguard is thinner than Fender style pickguards, just like original T-bird pickguards. With only 1.5 mm thickness however the color options are very limited.
White (3ply)
Black (3ply)
Vol, Vol, Tone for 2 pickups config

Vol, Tone for 1 pickup config
No strap
De Gier strap extra wide (11 cm), brown leather (+€39,95) view strap
De Gier strap deluxe brown (+€55,95) view strap
De Gier strap deluxe black (+€55,95) view strap
De Gier strap brown (+€25,50) view strap
De Gier strap black (+€25,50) View strap

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