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Junior philosophy

“I take no shortcuts, it has to bear my name.”

The idea behind Junior is simple. It can be summed up like this: it has to be rock ’n roll. Although that can be interpreted in many ways, for me it meant a no nonsense tool to do the job. Good wood, well built, great tone, no candy.

It is grab and go. No intricate switching systems. It is elegant in it’s simplicity, it doesn’t need custom inlays, ‘dentist grade’ flame tops, multiple bindings, shiny high gloss finish and all the other stuff that you pay extra for. It is as basic as it can get to produce good tone.

That doesn’t mean it is crappy built. I take pride in my work. It is still a handbuilt guitar that needs many hours of careful attention and skilled craftmanship. To build a great neck takes experience. Take a look at the video where I explain the way I do fretslots. It makes a better neck. But it takes more work to do it like that. I take no shortcuts, it has to bear my name.

So that is Junior. Down to earth. The real deal. Ready to rock. And now I am out of oneliners, LOL!

But seriously, when you hold this guitar you have something to hold on to. And don’t think 1 pickup isn’t versatile enough. You’ll get creative with your volume and tone controls and will find there is a variety of sounds avaible. And if you still need more, you can have a neck pickup of course.

-Sander de Gier