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  • De Gier Elevation 5 Buckeye

To me it feels like this bass has a natural compressor built in. Put negatively it means that it is less dynamic. Put positively it means that you can walk all the way down to the lowest note without being afraid of those overly loud low-peaks, caused by uncontrolled attack. It means the string-to-string balance is more in harmony. It means your upper notes do not become thin. It means you have a distinctly perceivable place in the mix.

Sander de Gier

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De Gier Elevation 5 Quilted Spalt
De Gier Elevation 5 Pink
De Gier Elevation 5 Black
De Gier Elevation 5 Buckeye burl
De Gier Elevation 5 Spalted Maple
De Gier Elevation 5 Curly Maple
De Gier Elevation 5 Buckeye burl
De Gier Elevation 5 Curly Redwoood
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Nobody likes a neck that’s constantly on the move. I implement a steel dual action trussrod and carbon fibre reinforcements into each neck. This creates stability and allows for comfortable neck adjustments, as well as easy future servicing. This neck is designed to last.
We use lightweight tuners because they help to eliminate the neckdive caused by heavy tuners. The strap holder on the bottom is shifted to a location that helps achieve a better weight distribution. Together these features make Elevation easy on your shoulder and create an excellent balance.
The neck is glued into the body, up until the 13th fret. This gives a singlecut it’s distinct looks, and also the possibility to carve out the neckheel for total upper fret access. Tonewise it acts as a natural compressor. Compared to a bolt on neck, this construction sounds less dynamic. That means that the low end isn’t overly loud nor the top end thin. You will find there is more consistency in tone as you walk from string to string and there are less peaks that are hard to control.
Elevation works well with many types of wood. Whether it be ash, mahogany, alder or something different like abachi, each of these woods will have a matching fingerboard wood and type of pickup to get to a great sound. Since Elevation is always built as a custom bass for each individual, there is no standard ‘Elevation-wood’. It is a matter of personal taste and demands from the customer and my experience as a bassbuilder, that together we come to a personalised great sounding bass. And then I have a considerable stock of gorgeous topwoods to get the looks as stunning as possible.
The disadvantage of a small (vintage) radius is that the strings are in the same radius while pickup poles are flat. So outer strings are often louder than inner strings because they are closer to the pickup. Especially with a 5 or 6 string. That’s why I have chosen a compound radius of 10” to 16”. A compound radius also allows for a lower action, something you’d expect from a single cut bass. And if you don’t prefer a low action, no problem… I’ll be happy to set it up higher for you.
Although almost any pickup will sound great on an Elevation, a lot of times we end up with rather modern soapbar style pickups that have a humcancelling single coil type of sound. This seems to work well for the type of player that is interested in this type of bass. There are many brands to choose from, so again this is something that builder and player determine together for each individual bass.
Elevation comes with a preamp. We like the OBP-3 a lot, but a different preamp can be discussed. The standard controls with OBP-3 are: Balance, Volume (pull passive), Bass, Mid (pull midshift), Treble.
  • De Gier Elevation 5 Quilted Spalt
  • De Gier Elevation Bass


Beim De Gier Elevation handelt es sich meiner Meinung nach um ein absolut ehrliches Instrument, das mit viel Herz und Verstand gebaut wird.
Bass Quarterly
Eine stetige Überleitung zwischen natürlichen und künstlichen Elementen ist immer präsent und sorgt für eine beständige Inspirationsquelle.
Gitarre und Bass
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Elevation 4 string: starting at € 3250,-
Elevation 5 string: starting at € 3495,-
Elevation 6 string: starting at € 3650,-

Prices are excluding shipping.
Prices are including 21% VAT.
Customers outside the EU can deduct this VAT from the total amount.

Ordering from our inventory

We always have some instruments in stock. We do this to serve our customers who first want to try out a few guitars or basses before they decide.

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Let us help you make the right choices. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Of course you are also more than welcome to visit our shop.

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Standard Configuration

Body Mahogany or alder, with detailed 3D bodycontours, flame maple topwood and black lining
Neck 3 piece Maple, with slanted headstock and matching headstock
Fingerboard Blackwood with wood bindings
Finish Satin
Pickups You choose
Preamp Aguilar OBP-3
Bridge Custom de Gier/ETS
Tuners Hipshot ultralite
Gigbag Including De Gier gigbag

Custom Options

7 string
€ 300,-
Fretless (with or without coating)
No extra charge
Lefthanded € 230,-
Different preamp
Upon request
Custom colors
€ 80,-
Custom stringspacing € 150,-
High gloss finish
€ 450,-
Oil finish
minus € 150,-
Custom inlays
Upon request
Gold hardware
€ 55,-
Lightweight Swamp Ash body
€ 120,-
Custom bodywood
Upon request
Spalted Maple topwood
€ 350,-
Buckeye burl topwood
€ 350,-
Custom topwood
Upon request
Maple fingerboard (coated)
€ 80,-
Custom fingerboard wood
Upon request
Any other custom option not in this list is available upon request.


Elevation 4 Elevation 5 Elevation 6
Neckwidth at nut 41 mm 46 mm 52 mm
Neckwidth at last fret 61 mm 73 mm 88 mm
Thickness at nut 21 mm 21 mm 21 mm
Thickness at 12th fret 23 mm 23 mm 23 mm
Fretsize medium medium medium
Stringspacing at bridge 19 mm 18 mm 18 mm
Radius fingerboard 10″ to 16″ 10″ to 16″ 10″ to 16″
Neckshape C C C
Number of frets 24 24 24
Neckjoint Set Set Set
Scale 34″ 34″ 34″
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