Discontinued models

Here are galleries of discontinued models. At the moment there are only galleries for Authority, Junior, Reflection, Elevation and Origin. In the future I will add Transgression and Progression galleries here too, but it’s a lot of work to digitalize old photo’s and create galleries. The galleries shown here contain only pictures, no specs. It’s meant as a portfolio for those interested. Of most models I have made many more instruments than shown. That is partly because I have lost photo’s in computercrashes, or because I didn’t take photo’s. My estimation is that I’ve made around 500 guitars by now. Apart from my own models, I have also made many one off custom designs in collaboration with customers. I hope to collect these as well and put up a gallery in the future.

De Gier Authority Blue


a LP based design

De Gier Elevation 5 Buckeye burl


A high end single cut bass

De Gier Origin 5 Curly Redwood


A modern bolt on neck bass design