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Colour samples

The following pictures are taken from actual samples that I have made. Please bear in mind that the light during the photoshoot, my pc-screen, your pc/tablet/phone/whatever-screen all distort the colour. These samples should be taken as a rough idea. The actual colour may be slightly different. Also check the galleries on this website for instruments in the particular colour that you’re looking for. Details like hardware, pickguard, fingerboardwood, etc all add to the total perception of a colour.

The GM colours of the 50’s and 60’s are all original recepy. The others are custom colours, some in their original name, some I made up myself.

Also notice that each colour is presented in 2 shades. The lightest is the original, the darker is with an ambered topcoat, to give an idea how a relic finish would look.

Pickguard samples

Again it is difficult to get the colour right on camera, especially reds are hard. And again the colour of a pickguard, or rather the interpretation of a colour, is greatly influenced by its surroundings, like body colour, hardware, fingerboard, etc. These samples are helpful as an impression, for more impressions of these colours you’d best check the galleries to see a pickguard on the actual instrument.