We have news: our Bebop and Soulmate are now available in Classic version. The main differences between our standard versions are: steel bridge (instead of brass), classic looks, vintage tuners (instead of hipshots), veneer fingerboards (instead of slab boards), no carbon reinforcements, thicker necks. We also now offer a 50s version for Soulmate.

These difference will give these basses a whole different sound than our standard basses. Our standard basses sound a bit more focussed, aggressive, modern, explosive. The Classic line sounds more mellow and open, like vintage basses.

We are working on a new website, so we’re not going to update this website with all dedicated info pages. For the time being you’ll have to do with this news item. For more info, you can contact Sander. We have several basses available, see our stock list.

De Gier Bebop Classic
De Gier Soulmate Classic
De Gier Soulmate 51