Authority ready

Check this, Authority in aged finish. This guitar is a true classic in many ways. The cellulose lacquer was aged very nicely, not overdone. The hardware aged lightly. The pickups are BK Stormy Monday. Mahogany body and neck, maple top, blackwood fingerboard. Honey burst, or something like that.. This guitar might just be too classic...

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hot guitar!

Some customising jobs are cooler than others. But this one was just plain fun. We removed 2 pickups and installed smoke-bombs, that are activated by pulling thhe tone knob. We put the humbuckercovers back over the bombs, so that it looks like a normal guitar. Can you imagine doing your freaky solo and then pulling [...]

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Strat on Queen’s Day and Elevation

Last week we had a national holiday, Queen's Day. One De Gier user had to perform that day on his De Gier strat, that we recently had given a fret-leveling-job. He wrote us the following: Vandaag heb ik 3 koninnnedag optredens gedaan met De Gier strat. De geluidsman kwam na de optredens nog speciaal naar [...]

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New video: Authority

We have another new video. Check this one out. It is an introduction to the new Authority. Sander de Gier explains a few things about the guitar and plays some tunes to give you a basic impression. Spread the news, send it to your friends, create links, let's get the word out. You are welcome [...]

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Authority almost ready

Here's a snapshot of the new Authority prototype. It is almost finished, just a few small things left to do. We plugged it in yesterday.....oh my. All we can say is, it is truly worth it's name. Some better pics will follow next week.

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