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Plans for 2021

A lot will change in 2021 for De Gier. I cannot tell much yet, but one thing I can say is that we're going to build our own pickups for our basses. That's exciting! We are now in the setting up and prototyping stage. Once we have our designs tested and ready, we will offer [...]

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Push button switch Lowlander

New feature for Lowlander: a pushbutton switch on the pickguard that lets you switch the humbucker from serial (classic T bird) to parallel (less mids, more open, lower output). Each pickup has its own pushbutton switch, so that you can have maximum variety of sound. The sound of a parallel wired classic T bird pickup [...]

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Vultura, my take on a Falcon

Vultura coming soon Vultura's gold sparkle bindings For several years I have had plans to build my version of a Falcon. I just couldn't find time to start until now. I love big guitars, probably because I'm a tall guy myself. And a Falcon is a mix of the vintage archtop tradition and raw rocknroll [...]

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New headstock Soulmate 2019

From 1/1/2019 and onward all Soulmate basses will receive a new headstock, namely the same headstock as BeBop basses have. When I designed Soulmate I wanted to have a headstock that was a crossover between the BeBop headstock and a Tele bass headstock. All these years I had a love/hate feeling for that headstock. I [...]

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History page

We have added a History page to the website. Soon we will also add a new gallery of discontinued models. We have discontinued Authority and Junior, but before that several other models have existed that we no longer offer. I think it would be nice to have a least a record online of some of [...]

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Authority and Junior discontinued

The guitar models Authority and Junior are no longer available. Currently I offer only the Surfer guitar model and the rest are basses. I intend to offer fresh guitar designs later on to replace Authority and Junior. I still have a few demo models for sale, with huge discounts, if anyone is interested.

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Maarten Bakker endorser

Maarten Bakker is a great musician. His playing sounds mature, steady, dynamic, in time, and above all with soul. He's not throwing notes out there, he is making music. We're very happy that he choose De Gier basses. 'But wait', someone might say, 'I thought you didn't do endorsements?' That's true. But I do friendships. [...]

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