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History page

We have added a History page to the website. Soon we will also add a new gallery of discontinued models. We have discontinued Authority and Junior, but before that several other models have existed that we no longer offer. I think it would be nice to have a least a record online of some of [...]

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Authority and Junior discontinued

The guitar models Authority and Junior are no longer available. Currently I offer only the Surfer guitar model and the rest are basses. I intend to offer fresh guitar designs later on to replace Authority and Junior. I still have a few demo models for sale, with huge discounts, if anyone is interested.

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Maarten Bakker endorser

Maarten Bakker is a great musician. His playing sounds mature, steady, dynamic, in time, and above all with soul. He's not throwing notes out there, he is making music. We're very happy that he choose De Gier basses. 'But wait', someone might say, 'I thought you didn't do endorsements?' That's true. But I do friendships. [...]

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