Sound files by Michel van Schie

Last week we recorded soundfiles with Michel van Schie. We had 3 bodies and 2 neck. We wanted to record the sound difference in wood, so all bodies had the same pickups, set up to the same height. We swapped bodies and necks and recorded fingerstyle, slap, pick, and with multiple pickup configurations. That's many [...]

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Elevation for Sebastian

We recently shipped this bass to Sebastian in Germany. Enjoy your bass Sebastian! Body: one piece swamp ash Top: flame redwood Fingerboard: birdseye maple Neck maple/ash/maple Pickups: Nordstrand big singles Controls: vol/4-way rotary/tone Bridge: De Gier by ETS Tuners: Hipshot See the Elevation gallery for more pictures.

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2 Custom orders

Here some pics of 2 custom order we built recently. One is a CT model with Buckeye top and pickupcover. The body is Walnut. The other is a Rondo by Dorian, a totally redesigned guitar by Sophie Dockx, with many innovative features. For more info check Dorian on FB.

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Henny Vrienten picks BeBop!

Yes! We are excited. Henny choose a white and black BeBop, both with blockinlays and matching headstock. He really liked them a lot, which we like even more! :) Keep an eye on the tourdates of Doe Maar, because you're going to see these basses!

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