Classic Line

We have news: our Bebop and Soulmate are now available in Classic version. The main differences between our standard versions are: steel bridge (instead of brass), classic looks, vintage tuners (instead of hipshots), veneer fingerboards (instead of slab boards), no carbon reinforcements, thicker necks. We also now offer a 50s version for Soulmate. These [...]

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BeBop, Soulmate and efficiency

Up till now I have worked on individual basis. By this I mean that I build each bass individually for each customer. That way I kept overview of all custom options, and I was able to send the customer pictures of the whole build process. There was also a problem, I was never very efficient [...]

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Origin and Elevation discontinued

My bass models Origin and Elevation are no longer available. Interest for these models has decreased significantly the last 2 years. When I thought about it, I realized that if I'd design these 2 models today, they would be different basses. That was a clear signal to me to discontinue them. My intention is to [...]

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Makeover BeBop and Soulmate

I have decided to give BeBop and Soulmate a little makeover. For BeBop that means: -restyled body (a little smaller, deeper cutaway for better access to high frets) -38mm at the nut instead of 39mm (for 4 string) -separate batterybox instead of battery in electronics cavity -body 1mm thinner For Soulmate that means: -restyled headstock [...]

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BeBop 70’s version

Exciting news, I am working on a new version of our BeBop model. Basically it's a 70's version. That means ash/maple, location bridgepickup, blockinlays, but...there's more. The intention is to make it the ultimate old school slapbass, for that fat 70's and 80's slapsound. The pickguard shape should be self-explanatory :) We are working on [...]

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