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Authority philosophy

“This guitar had such attitude that I knew it’s name and core character in an instant.”

When I wanted to build the first Authority I had no plan. I just wanted to build something with classic carved top elements combined with my own preference for styling. So I drew up some sketches and took it one step at a time to see where it could go. No plan, no design, no name, just an urge to build a guitar.

As I made some progress I had to make decisions of course. What kind of carve do I like? Sharp curves with a flat area for pickups? Or rather smooth classic curves? Do I want wood bindings or plastic bindings? A vintage thick body or modern thin body?

And soundwise, what kind of woods am I going to use? And regarding playabilty, what kind of specs for neck, fingerboard and frets? Normally you think all this stuff out before you start, because they all relate. But Authority didn’t start from a plan, it started from a passion.

Then one day it was ready. I was excited to plug it in and check what I had made. It was kinda like a birth, when you finally hold your newborn in your hands. I turned on my amp and struck a G chord. Bam! It was in my face. Powerful and demanding. I was overwhelmed. I looked at my employee and I could tell from the look on his face that he felt exactly the same thing.

That was the moment I knew it’s name. I had to call it Authority. I am not so good with names. A lot of the names of my instruments were actually suggestions from customers. But this guitar had such attitude that I knew it’s name and core character in an instant.

I hadn’t come up with an inlay.yet though. Remarkably an idea for inlays came up the same moment I learned it’s name. As I pondered the name Authority a Bible verse came to mind where Jesus explains to his disciples that God had granted him supreme authority over all creation. So the inlay had to be an Ichthus symbol to complete the authority theme that the guitar seemed to demand.

Not all designs develop like this. This was quite an extraordinairy experience. I can only hope you’ll have the same experience once you plug in your own Authority.

-Sander de Gier