Maarten Bakker endorser

Maarten Bakker is a great musician. His playing sounds mature, steady, dynamic, in time, and above all with soul. He's not throwing notes out there, he is making music. We're very happy that he choose De Gier basses. 'But wait', someone might say, 'I thought you didn't do endorsements?' That's true. But I do friendships. [...]

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Makeover BeBop and Soulmate

I have decided to give BeBop and Soulmate a little makeover. For BeBop that means: -restyled body (a little smaller, deeper cutaway for better access to high frets) -38mm at the nut instead of 39mm (for 4 string) -separate batterybox instead of battery in electronics cavity -body 1mm thinner For Soulmate that means: -restyled headstock [...]

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