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Maarten Bakker endorser

Maarten Bakker is a great musician. His playing sounds mature, steady, dynamic, in time, and above all with soul. He’s not throwing notes out there, he is making music. We’re very happy that he choose De Gier basses.

‘But wait’, someone might say, ‘I thought you didn’t do endorsements?’

That’s true. But I do friendships.

For info about […]

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T-bird itch

It’s been on my mind for some time now to design a new bass, inspired by the T-bird. It is to be my own take, a hommage, not a copy. This is a first sketch. Let me know what you think of it. Also, let me know what you generally like or dislike about a […]

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Makeover BeBop and Soulmate

I have decided to give BeBop and Soulmate a little makeover.

For BeBop that means:
-restyled body (a little smaller, deeper cutaway for better access to high frets)
-38mm at the nut instead of 39mm (for 4 string)
-separate batterybox instead of battery in electronics cavity
-body 1mm thinner

For Soulmate that means:
-restyled headstock for the 5 string
-body 1mm thinner

In […]

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Racing Stripes

From now on you can order racing stripes on your bass. I’ve bought a cutting plotter to make my own patterns for spraying stripes. You can have any pattern, multiple colors, etc. You can choose any color you like. Ultimate customising. I will add it to the orderforms one of these days as an option.

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Buckeye BeBop

So Rene van Schijndel had this crazy idea to order a BeBop with Buckeye top…. It looks killer! And sounds killer too :) It is a 5 string version of our BeBop 70’s model. It has the brand new De Gier preamp (designed in close collaboration with Vanderkley), custom wound Lollar pickups and ultra low […]

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First BeBop 70’s ready!

When I am back from a holiday break I will post full info and pics of the new BeBop 70’s. I can tell you right now that it’s a monster! Yeah!

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Working on BeBop 70’s

Expected begin july: the first BeBop 70’s!

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BeBop 70’s version

Exciting news, I am working on a new version of our BeBop model. Basically it’s a 70’s version. That means ash/maple, location bridgepickup, blockinlays, but…there’s more. The intention is to make it the ultimate old school slapbass, for that fat 70’s and 80’s slapsound. The pickguard shape should be self-explanatory :)

We are working on the […]

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De Gier @ London Bassguitar Show

We will be at the London Bassguitar Show! You can find us in the shared booth of EGB, together with Rikkers, Manne and LeFay. We’re looking forward to a great show!

London Bassguitarshow, 12-13 march, Olympia London.

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Coming Soon

At the moment I am working on 8 basses¬† for our stocklist. As I started one of them got ordered and 2 of them reserved, but at least I’ll have 5 new basses for sale in a few weeks. Here’s a picture of some of the colours I have sprayed. Olympic white, shell pink, pharaoh […]

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